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Question & Answers

When are payments sent out?

Payouts are sent twice a month. There is a two week hold, therefore payout for a period is sent two weeks after the period end date. Pay periods are 1 st - 15 th & 15 th - End of the month

What forms of payment do you offer?

Check, Wire and Epassporte.

Is there a minimum payout?

You will set your minimum payout when you join, you will be paid every pay period that you rich that minimum. If your minimum isn′t reached, the funds roll over into the next pay period.

I don't want consoles! Do you offer no console tours

Yes! We have console free links on all trials!

What is your SPAM policy? DOES NOT allow spam! Don't expect to get paid if you plan on spamming people. PERIOD! If you found your way to this page because you have received unwanted email, please contact our support. Please include affiliates linking code, original headers, and any more info that you might have. Spammers will be terminated if proper proof is supplied to us.

I′m not converting... what′s wrong?

Please contact us. Use the contact page and get a hold of us so we can talk about making more money from your traffic.

What promotional tools are available?

We have a wide variety of promo tools available on our 'ad tools' page.

I lost my account information and my password, where can I get them?